Sunday, 5 October 2014

Celebration Nails

As some of you may know, there was a contest about a month (or two) ago at the Nailpolis to celebrate their reaching 1 million facebook fans. The task was to create ultimate celebration mani, you can find out more here. It sounded fun, so I decided to come up with something too.

And you know what? I won! :)
There were three winners and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

And yes, I'm terribly late with posting this, I have no excuse. Sorry.

The base is Rimmel 703 White Hot Love, I painted the waterfall lines using acrylics and thin liner brush, then I went over it with a detailing brush and black acrylic paint and I created those balloons and bunting. The celebration nails were born. I added a reference to the Nailpolis celebration on my thumb so everybody knows what these nails are celebrating. At the end I put a layer of matte top coat over it.

The last task was to take good photos and pick one of them. Now you can see this design in the cover photo of Nailpolis' facebook page (or in the history of cover photos, if it's not there anymore when you're reading this).
Take care, lovelies!

P.S.: I'm doing a guest post for Nerdy & Fleurty on Wednesday, make sure to check that out!


  1. Wow congrats! These are adorable x

  2. I can see why you won, these are really great! Late congratulations.

  3. Congratulation!! Your design looks really great :) I am in love with them!!

  4. There's no suprise when you say that you won, it's really beautiful!


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