Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Road Trip Nail Art & China Glaze Swatches

Hey there!
Today is a first. First swatch post! I didn't want to do a post with swatches only, so I took some inspiration and created new nail design for this collection I was swatching.
It was China Glaze Road Trip, which has been around for few months already, but for some reason it came to local (=Czech) distributors just about now. I got 6 shades of total 12 of the collection.
My road trip nail art was inspired by a top I bought on my last trip. I wanted to go detailed and really stick with the fabric pattern but I failed there and went with whatever-comes-to-my-mind tribal.

Keep reading for my first swatches and more nail art!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Matching Lace

I'm feeling ill these days and that's the perfect time to dream and remember past cheerful days.
It was a month ago when we had a Venice-carnival-themed school ball. Nobody really took the carnival thing very seriously, but a lot of people brought masks - I was one of them. When I was thinking of my nail design for this event I was inspired by my dress and my mask, that I also decorated myself.

Keep reading for the mask and the dress ;)