Friday, 23 August 2013

NOTD - Bad Ass

Hey! Yesterday I went through nail art inspiration photos I have in my phone and I decided to recreate one of them.

You can see the design is imperfect and simple, well, I don't mind this time. The nail art Me hates it, really, but I'm still showing you because the fashion Me finds it cool. The photo I was inspired by is a screen shot of tumblr from my phone, I loved the picture when I saw it back then, the lady has gorgeous nail shape and honestly, the comment below made me like it even more. Look:

my version
Sadly, the photo isn't watermarked, so I have no idea who is it from, google search by image didn't find the source either. My version is so not that neat, but it looks cool in person, I swear. I wasn't sure what shape should the black stripes be with my nail shape, so they are different.

I used Rimmel 405 Rose Libertine, black acrylic paint and Essence BTGN Top Sealer. I also added some glitter because I couldn't stand the simplicity.

The black stripes visually change my nail shape, like the monochrome panelled dress you can see a lot lately, which make your body visually thinner. My nails look round and thin, so this could be a nice way to play with your nail shape without actually changing it, especially when you have black background.
I think I'm going to recreate this sometime, differently, maybe just straight smooth stripes at the sides? and monochrome design between? like half-outlined design.

I hope you like this, (while I don't really from the perfectionist's point of view) or at least, that you can imagine how cool this looks in person. Does this happen to you to? That you find certain design quite fashionable but you hate everything else about it? It sucks, I took them off after barely a day of wearing just because of that.
Have a nice day!


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