Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sandy Egypt

I've got a bit carried away with this design. It was caused by getting over 100 new followers on tumblr over a night. This might seem like no big deal for an "old" blogger, but I have just started and knowing people ARE interested after being ignored for a while... Well, I got excited and thought I should give you some proper nail art, a lot of photos and stuff. I painted my left hand for this weeks Nail Art Ideas Linkup (join us!) and I've been taking photos (A LOT of photos, because most of them end up being useless) and then I had to try hard to not make this seriously picture heavy as I couldn't decide which pictures to use. I, personally, really like those nail photos where you can see the person in the background (my gurus at this point are Pshiiit and Spektor's Nails), so that's what I'm posting today.

This week theme for NAILinkup is Sand. Originally I intended to do seashells nails, but I failed trying, so I went for my back up plan which was Egypt. In case it is not obvious enough, I came to it this way: where is sand? on the deserts. where are deserts? in Egypt. whats in Egypt? hieroglyphs.
Because I did this design just for the NAILinkup I didn't paint my right hand, which is still High on Pink Tie Dye. I looks funny and I really don't mind as I'm not planning to go to any social events this week.

(The photos are in quite high resolution, just click to enlarge.)

The base colour is Rimmel 367 Bare Necessities and the brown-black lines were drawn with acrylic paint. As a top coat I used Essence BTGN and I made it matte with Miss Sporty Check Matte, because who has ever seen glossy old walls, right.

In case you are wondering: no, the fingers don't tell any stories, I just picked random (easy to draw with a brush, obviously) hieroglyphs I found on the internet. And I wanted to draw a big bird, then a big lion, you can also see some little birds, snakes and eyes.
It wasn't very easy to draw, I can't imagine doing the whole right hand. I think this sort of print would make a great stamp, though I don't do stamping.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. (Sometimes I wonder, how many people read the text and how many just look at the pictures.)

few hours later update:
Look what I came across at Brijit's Digits, a badge for me! I did this Aztec Sun design for the first theme (sun) of the N.A.I.L. linkup and I was voted "NAIL Genius of the Week". Niceee.


  1. Najprv som si prebehla fotky a až potom text a pri tej fotke tvojich nechtov aj s tebou som si hneď spomenula na Spektor's Nails aj Pshiiit, vidno, že si sa nimi inšpirovala :) A, mimochodom, nechtíky sú veľmi podarené :)

    1. Díky, díky, když přijde na to focení, stále jsem ještě nenašla místo s ideální kombinací světla a jednolitého pozadí, stejně se těm dvěma snažím aspoň trochu přiblížit.

  2. I'm such a fan of Ancient Egypt, so this design is just fabulous! I hope one day I'll be as good as you to pull this off ^^
    Good luck!

    1. oh, I'm glad that you like it, that I didn't mix things up somehow, you probably know A LOT about this as an enthusiast :D doing this requires some patience, but most importanly short tiny brush and paint, I can't imagine doing it with polish (just in case you're going to try ;)


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