Thursday, 27 February 2014

Digital Underground

I was really unhappy with the mani I'm sharing today so I ended up wearing it just for one day. However, people on Instagram liked it, so...

I used polish from The New Black and the motive was inspired by the collection name: Digital Underground. The set I used is called Heathered, plus I used two polishes from other sets.
I chose to paint circuit board, not sure if I was successful, you decide.

Although I didn't like the design in person, I think the photos turned out pretty good.

What I used:

All these were solid two coaters, just the metallic shade might need third coat to be perfectly opaque.

I actually used three shades of grey (four if you count in the metallic), but they all look almost the same.

To paint the circuit print I used acrylic paint, I made the lines first, then grey dot at the end of each line and tiny white dot inside that grey dot.

The New Black products are available for purchase online at the European store or at the US store.
Bye bye!


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