Sunday 16 February 2014

Floyd Colorblock (+tutorial)

What's with the title you ask? Floyd? Pink Floyd? Oh yes, but not the way you think. Floyd is the name of The New Black ombré pink polish set.

These polishes are perfect for colorblock, their small brushes make it quick and easy. They are two-coaters, some more opaque than others, the least opaque is the middle one (photo below), might even be a three coater. The one I loved most is second one from the right, pink cream with barely visible shimmer.

I wore this mani during Valentine's Day, it was ideal: I didn't want to have hearts and love stuff on my nails but I didn't want to ignore it entirely. This pink design made it.

Colorblock is nothing new and you can find tons of tutorials else where. Still, I have one for you too:

The Process
1. Base colour.
2. Start with one block close to the nail bed (I call it bottom of my nail), then paint more blocks. You can use the bottle brushes if they are small enough.
3. Fill your nail with blocks.
4. - 5. Outline the blocks, you can make some lines thicker and some thinner.
6. Add pattern to some blocks.

What I used

The New Black Floyd set + one more nudish TNB polish (those polishes don't have names, nor numbers, so...)
Maybelline colorama 77 (another light pink)
white acrylic paint for the outlines
bottle brushes, striper brush

The only thing bothering me is that the bottles are unstabile, I'm afraid I'll push some over one day and spill the polish.
On the other hand, I like the way these bottles look in photos, it's one of the reasons I wanted to try this brand :D.

The New Black gave me possitive impression, you can expect more of TNB in upcoming posts cause I got A LOT of polish from them.
Their products are available for purchase online at the European store or at the US store.
Have you tried this brand? What do you think?


  1. Ooooh.. this colorblock is super cute! And guuuurl, that white dress you have on is literally my dream summer dress. <3

  2. Thank you! and thanks for complimenting my barely visible dress ...everyone seems to love these crazy cheap no-brand dress :D

  3. The color-block look is super cute! Your lines are so perfect :O I love the shape and logo of the New Black bottles!

  4. thank you! well, I need to improve my lines a bit, anyway
    I agree - the bottles are so cool :3


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