Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tribal Chevron

Today's mani was inspired by Very Emily, one of my favourite nail artists. It's all freehand and all Rimmel and acrylics. I loved this surprising colour combo and I knew I would recreate the mani the moment I saw it. For the tribal-ish design, I started with white base, made teal and violet chevron stripes and finished it with black tribal details.

What I used:
Rimmel 703 White Hot Love
Rimmel 500 Peppermint
Rimmel 312 Ultra Violet
Essence BTGN top sealer high gloss
acrylic paint

The last photo is from my IG, my nails next to my inspiration.
I love wearing this and I took it off after more than a week. I tend to wear my manis for so long these days! And then I'm not as productive as I used to be, oh yes.
If you needed any tips on making your mani last, let me know, cause I feel like I'm really good at this now :D.
And, take care!


  1. Hi Margee, maybe you could do a post on long-lasting mani's?? I've figured out a few tips and tricks myself over the years, but I do long for some variety and so I change my polish every 3-4 days. I hear that's a "long" time for some people, though! I love your tribal tribute today!

  2. The Nail Smith (Millie)19 November 2014 at 02:17

    Love this color combo!

  3. thanks for your comment Cat! 5 days used to be really long for me, now it's more like 10 days :D I'm so busy these days, I don't even think about my nails and somehow they last and last... I started eating minerals (Ca, Zn, Mg), maybe that's what helped, I take the same kind of care as I always did otherwise :)


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