Sunday, 22 February 2015

Distressed Wood

I needed something subtle and classy for a formal event. I was thinking black and white, but I ended up with these, wood with ikat-ish chevron.

Keep reading for more photos and short how-to!

The Process:
To get the wooden base, I started with nude polish and then picked several shades of brown polishes and stroked the nude with almost dry brushes. You know, like the distressed technique. Then I took one of my tiny brushes and painted on the white chevron pattern with acrylic paint.

What I used: 
Rimmel 367 Bare Necessities (base)
Maybelline Colorama 165
The New Black (the one above, and another off-white one)
Essence BTGN high gloss top sealer
white acrylic paint

I'm still loving the wooden look. So simple to do, yet effective, give it a try if you haven't already!
Have a nice day ;)


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