Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Matching Lace

I'm feeling ill these days and that's the perfect time to dream and remember past cheerful days.
It was a month ago when we had a Venice-carnival-themed school ball. Nobody really took the carnival thing very seriously, but a lot of people brought masks - I was one of them. When I was thinking of my nail design for this event I was inspired by my dress and my mask, that I also decorated myself.

Keep reading for the mask and the dress ;)

The Process:
The base is Rimmel 703 White Hot Love with dry brush strokes of greys, black and white on top. The baroque pattern is freehanded with detailing brush. To add a bit of edgy feel I painted the outer edge of each nail with The New Black black polish. All sealed with Essence BTGN high gloss.

Finally the mask and the dress AND the nails! (desaturated, because it looks cooler)
The mask originally came all black, the white parts are my work. I painted them on with white acrylic paint and small flat brush.

So that's what happens when I get extra creative. I throw away all the studying that's on my plate and I get to painting stuff. Like masks. Or nails.
The mask, being all glorious and mysterious itself, had also quite mysterious ending. Long story short, I didn't find it anywhere after the ball. It is lost forever. But the few days of its existence were filled with excitement and joy.



  1. Garritas Linderrimas12 March 2015 at 02:33

    Beautiful combination! I love the mask, the dress and your nails. Superb

  2. Everything is matching! Love the nail art you made and the mask is pretty mysterious indeed, I am sorry that you didn't found it anymore! I wish you all the best, lots of health!

  3. Beautiful nail art :))
    Hugs from Poland :D

  4. aaw, that's around the corner! (I'm Czech ;)
    thank yooou!

  5. You're so sweet, thank you! I recovered pretty quickly and I'm back on my feet now :)

  6. Your complete look is fantastic, the dress, the mask and the manicure, they match perfectly and the manicure is a piece of art! :-)


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