Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pastel Abstraction

So in case it wasn't obvious: I'm terribly behind with posting. The design I'll be showing you today is from March. Yes, that's right.
I have nubbins here, since this is the nail art I wore for a skiing trip and that needs to be comfortable. For travelling I like to have nude base a colours that go with any clothes (because I have to match, it's like a disorder).

The base isn't pure polish, it's dry stroke technique with a mixture of some nude polishes (don't ask me to remember which ones, please :D ). On that base I painted some colourful shapes with acrylic paint and outlined them with black and white.
All sealed with Essence BTGN.

I've been loving geometric abstraction lately!
Hope you're all having a great time and are looking forward to summer as much as I am :).
Take care!


  1. Hello! I'm so delighted I've discovered your blog, but I can't seem to subscribe to your GFC I tried several times :( You are very talented!

  2. This is so beautiful. The colours and pattern work perfect. We may have to try this if you don't mind :) Emma & Jo.xx

  3. thank you sweety! I'd love to see a recreation :)

  4. hi! thank you so much! I'm sorry you have this problem, some others told me about this too and I didn't manage to fix it :( so maybe you can follow my blog via different platforms (I have the social media buttons above :) ), thanks for support!

  5. Very interesting and eye-catching design! :-)


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