Sunday, 10 May 2015

Spring Roses

The other day I remembered I love florals. I mean, I love florals on nails. And of course on clothes, but that's another story (rather another obsession :D). My colour choice was inspired by this photo I saw over at The Illustrated Nail's Instagram - I couldn't resist using that floral combo.
I have a tutorial right here for my roses from earlier in case you were interested :).

The base is Nubar #loveit, gorgeous lavender polish I review here. The rest is acrylic paint and short thin brush. Sealed with Essence BTGN high gloss. And as I mentioned above, you can find all about the process here.

I'm surprised I don't were florals all the time since I like them so much on my nails and I quite enjoy painting them. But somehow I much more often end up with some geometry. What is that? :D

Have a wonderful day!


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