Sunday, 15 September 2013

Disqus Problem (no nails, I need help)

Hey, ladies! I switched to disqus and I hope you prefer this way of commenting, but I have an issue with the colour scheme. You see, the background for my disqus should be white as it is on all the other blogs I've seen, but it is grey. Grey with black letters on. OMG.

Of course I tried to find solution on the Internet, I tried to find solution on disqus Help page, but what I found didn't help me at all. Changing colour scheme in general settings just changed colour of the letters (to white) and when I wanted to change HTML, I didn't even find what I was supposed to find in the html of my blog. I feel totally stupid and useless, so I'm turning to you, lovely readers, do you have any idea what to do? An experience alike? If so, please help me.
In case I don't find a solution, should I just go along with black on grey?

(There is a huge probability I will delete this post when it is not needed anymore.)


  1. On the Disqus homepage, your avatar should be at the top right. Click it, then select 'Admin' in the drop down menu that appears. [The URL in your address bar should start] The select the 'Settings' tab - you should find yourself already on the 'General' sub-tab. The top section is for 'Appearance'. It doesn't seem to offer many options in terms of colour scheme, but perhaps selecting something other than auto will help? I don't notice the grey too much, anyway, but I know how it feels when there's something on your blog that isn't just how you want it!

  2. yep, that's exactely what I tried first, but it only changed the colour of letters (to white or black), so this, sadly, is not a way... thanks for your time anyway! :)

  3. Aw no, sorry! I notice that Disqus says it 'Adapts with your website's design and colours', so maybe you could try looking in your Blogger template settings to see if you can figure out where it's pulling the grey from? I hope you manage to sort it out, anyway! :)

  4. I was so excited when I read this advice, because I thought it was the solution, but after checking all the colours, I found out, it wasn't... Maybe I'll get different colour after I completely change the template and until then I'll just feel original (cause who else has grey disqus?) to not feel bad about it :D
    thank you very much again! :)

  5. yeeea, I'm going to quote myself here, as this is exactely the advice first commenter - Kirstie - gave me: that's exactely what I tried first, but it only changed the colour
    of letters (to white or black), so this, sadly, is not a way... thank you though! :)

  6. hmm, lols. cause that totally did the trick for me back then. Anyway I have a hunch there's a bit problem with blogger. I noticed it can't quite render "whitish/light" colours. I was trying to get my header to a smaller file size but strangely when I uploaded the pic, my whole picture got darkened. I did a few experiments and noticed something (don't know what is though) is causing the white to appear greyish. That could be what's causing the problem with your disqus layout.

    Anyway, have you tried reaching out to disqus support team? Maybe they'd be able to offer some better advice?

  7. oh, really strange... I haven't tried it yet, and I'm kinda getting used to the grey, so I guess I'll leave it this way and spare some time :D

  8. I just found out what was causing the images to change colour in my blogger. It was google+'s new auto enhanced picture format thingy.

    Haha, yeah, the grey layout is pretty cool too. Sorry can't be of much help :(


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