Friday, 27 September 2013

Matching Chevron

Hi! This is gonna be a short one I hope.
I wanted my nails to match my outfit and I ended up with this. You can see the outfit in second photo's background.

What I used:
Gabriella Salvete 148 (white)
Rimmel 500 Peppermint (mint)
Rimmel 803 Man Overboard (Grey)
Miss Sporty 311 (light metallic)
Gabriella Salvete 04 Mistero Grey (dark metallic)
black acrylic paint (outlining)
NYC Turbo Dry top coat
Miss Sporty Check Matte

I started with light guidelines, I filled the chevron V-shapes with polishes and then I outlined it with black acrylic paint. The white glows in the dark (because I can't stop my glowing obsession) and I made some parts matte, so they are more to look at when I'm bored.

Above you see what I was matching my nails to.
No more photos today, I would REALLY use a bit more time, ugh. See you next time!


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