Thursday, 19 September 2013

Stripes and Shapes

Hi, this is a post I wrote about a month ago because I had a suspicion I won't have enough time to write posts later during the school year. In the moment I'm wearing quite unusual manicure, I think I'm going to write the post at the weekend (okay, maybe next week), be sure to check it out then. To the pre-written (surprisingly short) post...

This is one of the first manicures I have good quality pictures of and I didn't menage to publish it until now. It was originally inspired by this design by The Nailasaurus (whom I admire, by the way).

It was done in the dark complicated times BA: before acrylics. So what you can see is white base (Gabriella Salvete 148 or S-he 306, hard to say) with Rimmel 500 Peppermint, Rimmel 312 Ultra Violet and no name pink on top of it, the stripes and shapes are outlined with black gel pen.

This feels like the best opportunity to show you another one of my old (=low quality picture) designs that has similar colours. I wore it during Easter, the nails were supposed to look like Easter eggs. It's polish and black gel pen too.

Back to the main design. As far as I remember, I got angry and impatient doing the right hand (below), it took ages with the polish constantly drying unused and getting sticky. However, the result looked just fine.

Wow, I haven't done too much writing this time. Take care!

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