Saturday, 25 January 2014

Baroque Wallpaper (+tutorial)

Hi there, this mani came from another crisis of my creativity. I COULDN'T come up with anything, so I went through designs I remembered I wanted to do about a year ago, when I didn't have the skill yet, and baroque mani came to my mind - I saw it on several other artists back then but I didn't even have proper tools to do it. Now I have both tools and skill, so I thought why not.

You see, it takes time to paint tiny swirls, so I didn't do all 10 nails. I used the same colour combo as in Retro Triangles, looks vintage imo.

Oh yeah, matching my baroque pattern dress, kind of, if you don't mind the colour ;D.
More photos and the tutorial after the jump.

right hand
 I had to simplify the design a bit for my right hand, I also couldn't control the size of lines that well, so I have thicker lines on my left (cause I wanted them thick), and thinner on my right.

left hand
To the tutorial!
The Process:
1. Paint your nails whatever base colour you like.
2. Start from the middle, choose contrasting colour and remember: the key is symmetry.
3. Fill the middle with baroque doodles.
4. - 5. Move from the middle to the edges. Paint swirls and drop-shapes. Google baroque wallpaper or baroque pattern for inspiration, if needed.
6. Fill the edges, make it look like the pattern doesn't end with the nail.

My Tools:
I used all three brushes I usually use (more in the bottom of every-post products page), acrylic paint for the pattern and several polishes:
Maybelline colorama 77 (pink)
Maybelline colorama 165 (brown)
NYC Turbo Dry top coat
Miss Sporty Check Matte

More photos:
(These are little strange cause I wanted to show you the thumbs.)

In case you have any questions feel free to ask.
Bye bye!


  1. Looks so pretty! I love this design a lot!

  2. jojo, konečně mi aspoň trochu přálo světlo ;) děkuji

  3. Excellent design as usual!

  4. So beautiful work! I love such design so much!

  5. weeeell, the lines, I can see a lot I can still work on... Can't get enough of matte finish, right :D thank you very much!


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