Saturday, 18 January 2014

Watercolor: pink and framed

Heey, remember the Outlined Marble nails I did in September? (yea, how could you :D) This time I did pretty much the same thing but in pink.
(I still struggle with taking photos under artificial light)

left hand
I have a tutorial for this technique: Outlined Marble Tutorial.

It is basically watercolour technique with acrylic paint, if you want to see a video I would recommend you Spektor's Nails' Salted Watercolor Nails tutorial, it's very similar to what I do, I just skip the salt part and I play around with the colour and water bit more.

right hand
I chose to do thinner outline compared to my previous black and white version. I must admit I liked that one more.

What I used:
Gabriella Salvete 148 (white base)
acrylic paint
NYC 248 Manhattan (to wrap my tips)
NYC Turbo Dry top coat

I have mixed feelings about these, what do you think?


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