Thursday, 24 April 2014

Back In Black

Hi, the mani I have for you today is few weeks old, it's nothing complicated, I actually just wanted to try some of my The New Black polishes.

I used 3 TNB polishes, off-white and two black polishes with glitter in them. These black polishes look so much alike in the bottle, but they are different. The one I'm holding above, painted on my middle finger and thumb, is full of tiny glitter, opaque in two coats. The one bellow, on my index finger and pinky, has slightly bigger glitter and you have to shake it to get the glitter on your brush; opaque in one coat. They both have kind of textured finish.

Keep it simple.
Take care!


  1. Lena from NerdsGirlySecrets27 April 2014 at 23:57

    Wow! It's totally amazing how well you can paint with your non-dominant hand!!!
    Love the look!

  2. Hi ! It's really beautifull, I love the result :)

  3. aaaw, thanks! it is pretty natural now after the two years of practice ;)


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