Sunday, 4 May 2014

Upper Green Side

Hey! Today's title sounds funny, but it wasn't me who came up with it. It's the name of Essence polish I bought and painted my nails with few days ago. To make this a quick mani I just added simple aztec-chevron-ish pattern to the green colour using black and white gel pens.

I also matched my nails to my outfit - or was it the other way? It got all together in my mind somehow.

About the polish...
I bought Essence 150 Upper Green Side since I wanted nice light green colour and this one was on sale (to be discontinued later, I guess). The opacity was pleasant surprise, what you see in the photos is just one layer! I loved the formula, I'm also a fan of Essence brushes and the drying time was definitely better than average. But there is a problem with Essence colour&go polishes - they simply don't last. This one was no exception, I got first huge chip on the second day and then some more chipping in the following days.

I must admit I was a bit afraid of green colour on my nails - it is not very common. But I think I found such a nice shade it didn't look wrong at all, my nails actually felt like spring.
How do you feel about green on your nails?
Take care!


  1. I know your nail designs from Instagram, but I didn't knew that you have a blog too, I am very happy that I found it, I absolutely love your designs, they are all original and very unique!

  2. accronail.blogspot.fr10 May 2014 at 13:05

    Hello ! Even if I don't like so much this green color, I love your nail-art, it's clean and beautiful, well done ! I prefer neon-green or pastel green on my nails ;)

  3. thank you very much! I'm always happy to have a new reader :)

  4. haha, I like that you think this nail art is clean, to me it looked way less clean than usual
    thank you!


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