Wednesday, 23 July 2014

BP Store Review: Nail Art Wheel & Brushes

Do you know my nail-art-brushes history? No? Oh, wait, there wasn't any until today.
You see, for the first year or two of my nail art obsession I used regular craft store brushes that I cut down a lot, the bristles aren't really soft, but they are cheap and work just fine. About a year ago I bought cheap 5pc brush kit, but I ended up using most of the brushes for makeup instead of nail art, only one of them was useful, perfect for floral designs.
And now I own 15pc nail art brush kit from Born Pretty Store, wow.
I was wise and also I got nail art wheel with the brushes to have something to try them on. I didn't fill it yet, I painted seven designs and tried almost all the brushes. I took photos of the brushes after I used them for the first time, that's why some of them aren't completely clean, the paint wouldn't come off. In the photo below you can see what I painted next to the brushes I used.

Before I get to the kit review, let's talk a bit about the nail art (clockwise):
• You see the pink flowers? Yeea, my first try ever on one stroke!
• The tribal is the same as always, detailing brush, striper and a dotting tool.
• Did you know how perfect fan brush was for abstract nail art?!
• Nothing new here, I can do the same design with the brushes I've owned for ages. It was quicker with the new ones, though.
• Drops. I love drops. With detailing brush of course. And abstract base with fan brush.
• Sort of waterfall design, but not really, I started with this nail, it's not that creative. Shortest striper brush.

The kit contains 14 brushes and one dotting tool.

Let's have a closer look:

• 7 flat brushes (top left, only 6 of them, another regular white flat one didn't make it in the photo as it happened to be forgotten in the plastic bag), one of them round-ish (orange bristles on the right), two angled.
I actually used the biggest brown one for a landscape painting the other day...
• Two fan brushes, I couldn't find any difference other than the colour of bristles. And yes, the purple one used to be white.
• Three striper brushes, all very useful, in my opinion.
• A brush with a bend (how do you use that?), dotting tool (my first one, lovely! I always used toothpicks) and detailing brush, already cut down in the picture, I couldn't wait! And yes, it's brilliant for details.

You can purchase this kit online at Born Pretty Store for $5.96, ID 439, shipping worldwide. Don't forget to use a coupon code for 10% off: HBJ61.

Now for the wheel:

Is it even possible to review a nail art wheel? It's round, it's plastic, I like the shape of the nails. Like this? And it's highly useful when you have a new brush kit to try. Or head full of ideas. Or, you know, it's what you've always wanted.
And it says "color wheel" in the middle.

You can purchase this wheel online at Born Pretty Store for $1.54, ID 6777, shipping worldwide. Don't forget to use a coupon code for 10% off: HBJ61.

Polishes I used (clockwise):
The New Black pink
The New Black orange
Avon Inspire
Rimmel 703 White Hot Love
Rimmel 203 Lose Your Lingerie
The New Black black
Rimmel 312 Ultra Violet

And I have another good news! I updated the Every-post products page on this blog, which means you can now go through the products I use most these days. Including brushes, base coats and treatment.
What brushes do you use? Do you always cut them down as well? And what do you use fan brush for? I'd love to learn new ways to use it!
Take care, lovely readers <3

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