Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hipster Nails & Candy Colors Fluorescent Polish #9 Review

I'll warn you in advance: this is going to be a long post. I have a review to make. Oh yes, I do reviews now. Like this one. And possibly one more in following weeks. But that's it, so no, I'm not planning to overwhelm you with reviews. Mostly because that would mean overwhelming you with posts in general and I'd rather stick to the one or two per week. Forgive me, lovely readers.
Enough of the bla bla, to the point!

I'm actually not sure, why I painted so-called-hipster nails. I wanted to paint a deer and I had this purple galaxy-like base (below) and one thing led to another...

This is the polish I'm reviewing today, it's hard to tell what it's called from the bottle, but in the BP store they call it Candy Colors Fluorescent Polish. 
Keep reading for swatches, glow in the dark photos and most importantly the rest of the design!
The Review
The first photo shows my nails polished with one layer of the Candy Colors polish. I was very pleased with the brush and the formula, it was very sheer (yep, that was quite disappointing) but didn't make stripes like many other sheer polishes.

For the second photo I put on two and three coats to see the opacity. With just one coat my nails had this purple tint and looked rather unhealthy. With two coats the nail line was visible but my nails looked actually polished, not just dirty from purple paint. It felt kind of elegant. Third coat made the nail line almost invisible. 
The polish dries to semi-matte finish, slightly textured by the fluorescent particles.

The glow was... well, I love glowing polish, so it was exciting as always. My private fireflies!
For a bit of comparison to my other glowing polish: Essence 18 fly firefly fly fluorescent top coat, which seems to have much stronger glow in the picture (sorry, inaccurate colours), is quite similar in reality. The main difference is the colour, Essence has this poisonous green glow, Candy Colors is colder, like really light teal.

You can purchase this polish (in many other colours!) online at Born Pretty Store for $2.99 (now on sale for $2.39), ID 4837, shipping worldwide. Don't forget to use a coupon code for 10% off: HBJ61.

The Design
First I painted one coat of the new polish on all my nails and then I went over it with a sponge and more purple polishes creating the galaxy-like look from the second photo in this whole post.
The rest is freehand with acrylic paint and my new cut down brush from Born Pretty brush set (I'll save that for my other review).

Polishes I used:

Candy Colors #9
two The New Black polishes
Rimmel 312 Ultra Violet
Maybelline colorama

Essence BTGN high gloss top coat
Essence 24/7 base coat (as both base coat and matte top coat)

Haaah, that's it!
Honestly, I enjoyed writing this, but I'm not really sure how much you guys actually read reviews like this. Anyway, what do you think about the design? I felt rather uncomfortable wearing it the first day, then I got used to it, but I'd still change some details.
Take care!


  1. Great post! Good that you enjoyed writing it, because I sure enjoyed reading it :)

  2. thanks for your kind words Lena! :)

  3. Super cute design! I love how small you trimmed that brush by the way. xD It's really impressive!

  4. thank you! :) I accidentaly ruined my old detailing brush and I had to cut a new one, I was scared I'd cut off all the hair and ruin this one too :D


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