Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Purple Splashes

Whoa, it's been two weeks since my last post, I'm terribly ashamed.
My last week was pretty busy and today I finally got to editing photos and writing posts. I loved wearing the design I have for you today, I made it when I was trying my new Born Pretty brushes (review here) and I discovered I could do awesome abstractions with a fan brush.

About the process... it's sort of watercolour technique with acrylic paint and fan brush, uneasy to explain. It's also quite unpredictable, what I was actually going for is the way my left index finger (first photo) looks, but my other nails turned out different.

The white base is Rimmel 703 White Hot Love, my new favourite white polish, it has little shimmer in it, but you can't really tell when you use it as a base for nail art. If you're still looking for good cheap white polish, go for this one. I got it on sale for about 1€!

Well, this was a short one. I'm not sure what else to say about these nails, so I'll just stick with: in case you have any questions, let my know in the comments!
Have a nice day!
and come back for more, I'm scheduling some tutorials for you ;)


  1. These are very cool! Love the colors you chose!

  2. These are really pretty! Such a cool effect!

  3. thanks! purple is my favourite on nails :)

  4. Hey hey how did you do it its lovely

  5. it's sort of watercolour technique with acrylic paint and fan brush, I dip the wet brush in paint, then in water again and then I touch my nails with the disolved paint on the brush.. it's not entirely easy to explain :D


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