Monday, 8 December 2014

Limited Stripes

I had no idea what to call this design. I did it a while ago for a mani swap with talented Swiftpolish (picture of the swap at the end of this post) and I got a lot of positive reactions - and I also liked it very much myself.

Keep reading to find out more about the process!

The Process:
I started with white base, Rimmel 703 White Hot Love.
Then I used longer brush and acrylic paint to paint the colourful stripy part. I added some black stripes to have more contrast.
I outlined the black part and then I filled it with black polish.
I sealed it with Essence BTGN high gloss.

As an extra something I added a halfmoon to my thumb, I felt like it would suit it better.

And as I promised: a picture of our maniswap, you could have seen it earlier on the Instagram.

Take care!


  1. It's fantastic, and I love the addition of black.

  2. It looks so cool, the color combination is striking and with the black outlines is even better! Great idea!

  3. It looks just fantastic! *_*

  4. wow, the dress is brilliant idea! thanks!


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