Friday, 30 January 2015

Retro Chic (+tutorial)

Hey guys!
I have a tutorial for you today :). I was looking forward to posting this but I didn't get to do it until now. This design was somehow inspired by Boom Nails, who did several similar designs earlier. I took pictures during the process so I have a tutorial for you below and a short review of the base polish: Nubar InstaChic.

About the polish...

I certainly love the colour and its finish. The drying time was better than everage and I was pleasantly surpriced by its opacity; I used two coats here. Same as the other Nubar polish I reviewed earlier, this one didn't last as long without chipping as for example some Rimmel polishes. And again, I don't like this Nubar brush much, it's rather difficult for me to work with.
Nubar claims their polishes to be cruelty free & vegan friendly. 
This polish was provided to me by for an honest review.

And to the tutorial...

I have a different kind of tutorial than usual, I took photos during the process so I thought I would be good to use them. It's self-explaining I would say, so just briefly:
1. polish your nails with some base colour
2. paint shapes
3. doodle as you wish

Mmm, that's it for today then.
I enjoyed this design for its retro vibes, it was fun to paint it (give it a try ;).
And take care!


  1. J'adore!

  2. these are cute !

  3. Hi Margee, YES! These look very 80's to me (and I lived through the 80's, so I remember!). I'm in awe of your detail work and color choices here. Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  4. This almost looks like you have nail wraps on because it looks so perfect!

  5. aaw, you're too sweet! thanks :)

  6. haha, I'm glad you like it :) thank you very much!


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