Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sugar & Cream

Todays design was inspired by something I was seeing around this winter, simple sweather-ish pattern. The base is Cuccio polish Sugar & Cream, a colour I would probably never buy myself, but I got the chance to try it for a review. It didn't really go well with my skin tone I think, but I surprisingly like it now, looking at the pictures.

About the polish...
I used two to three coats, two were usually enough. I liked the formula and I totally loved the brush, it was just the right size. What I wasn't comfortable with was the colour, as I mentioned before.
It has very delicate shimmer which you can see mattified in the pictures with the design.

This polish was provided to me by for an honest review.

I wore this design just for a day or two, I didn't even paint my right hand, that's why I'm not showing it. I really liked it mattified, the polish I used as matte top coat is Essence 24/7 nail base.
I'll have a tutorial for you next time, stay tuned ;)
and have a nice week!


  1. That color is gorgeous, and I love the sweater look!

  2. Hi Margee, I know what you mean about tans/browns. I always want to choose pinks or purples for my nails, but sometimes a *different* color will be surprisingly flattering. I do like this color on you, especially with the addition of the sweater art. I think that softens it up against your skin. =)

  3. ooh, thank you! I also liked the change after I added the matte top coat, maybe that's what softened it up :)


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