Sunday, 11 January 2015

Melting Stripes (+tutorial)

I have a tutorial for you today! I haven't done any in a long time so I was definitely up for doing this one when I was asked for it on the Instagram after a posted a picture of this design. The design was partly inspired by Try My Hand, talented nail blogger who stopped posting about a year ago.
Besides the tutorial I'll be doing a short review of the Nubar #loveit polish you can see below, Polycolor acrylic paint and Platinum nail art brush.

Tutorial and my tools after the jump.

The Process:
1. Paint your nails with light nail polish.
2. Choose several colours and paint horizontal stripes. You don't need to be super precise here, you'll be "melting" them anyway.
3. Melt your stripes. Take tiny brush and start with the drops, the process is the same as with any other drops.
4. Finish the look, correct the imperfections.

My Tools:
The base colour is Nubar #loveit, gorgeous light purple from their summer collection.

I think I used two to three coats, the opacity is better than I expected. The formula would be fine but I honestly didn't like the brush, it made the polishing rather difficult along with the formula. Or maybe it's just me.
I also felt like it didn't last as long without chipping as for example some Rimmel polishes. (This means like 3 days instead of 5.) I'm willing to forgive this polishes some imperfections cause I totally fell in love with the way it looks on my nails! Plus Nubar claims their polishes to be cruelty free & vegan friendly :).

The paint I used this time was Polycolor acrylic paint for nail art. I was pleasantly surprised with its opacity, I had no problems painting white over black (this design really needed that!). It has great formula and it doesn't dry entirely matte. (Okay, I honestly never know what to judge when it comes to reviewing acrylics.)

The brush I used is Platinum Nail Art II. brush. It isn't thin enough and I might cut it down a bit in the future. But for now I wanted to try it the way it comes; I used it only for the stripes and then I switched to my detailing brush to paint the tiny drops.

These products were provided to me by, Czech online store with all you need for nail art and gels. I don't know how many of you are Czech or Slovak (hey, let me know in the comments, I'm so curious!), but if you are, you can get a lot of great nail supplies there.

Oh, this post got pretty long!
In case you recreate this design I'd love to see, you can either show me here in the comments or tag me on the Instagram.
Take care! :)


  1. So beautiful! I really love the delicate twist to the basic striped nail.

  2. Heck I need a tutorial I could never do my nails good like that lol

    Danielle Mac

  3. I may need to try this out! Gorgeous!

  4. Ahhh, this is so cool looking!!

  5. thank you! I loved it when I first saw it on Try My Hand, but I didn't have the skill to paint it back then :D recently I remembered it and I had to give it a try :)

  6. Oh, I love those! Great tutorial!

  7. Hi Margee, this is really pretty. I enjoy your descriptions of products and tools and your experiences with them. I'm an American follower of yours. ;)

  8. you so sweet! thanks! It's great to know where are my followers from, really


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