Tuesday, 30 July 2013

NOTD - Outlined Galaxy


I'm wearing this right now and it feels nice. I felt uninspired yesterday, so I went through my do-it-later designs and tried this one from Spector's Nails. I didn't really follow the tutorial as I worked with acrylic paint (plus with Gabriella Salvete 148 white polish and water).

The design inside reminds me of pictures you find, when you google "galaxy", so that's where the title comes from. I didn't intend it to look galaxy-like, so I didn't add any stars or dust.

Now this it "the other hand", which wasn't hard to do. It didn't take me long to do both hands - compared to usual.

As a top coat I used Essence BTGN Top Sealer.


  1. Yay, thanks for letting me know, this looks amazing! I have to try it with acrylic paint as well, so you are now on my to-do list ;)

  2. The outline around the design makes it look UNREAL.
    So cool!


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