Monday, 15 July 2013

The Very First Post & NOTD - Floral Porcelain

I'm Marge and I'm Czech.
This is a nail blog. In the future, this should be an inspiring archive of my nail art, probably containing reviews and other nail blog stuff.
If my English isn't perfect, forgive me, I do my best.
I know I'm barely talking to anybody, but here comes my first post...
Floral Porcelain

Typing this, I'm wearing floral nail art, which reminds me of porcelain, probably because of the light pink background colour, which was too sheer, so I layered it over white base.
The roses were done with acrylics, that I bought last week after a lot of hesitating. I felt like anything that is not nail polish would act weird on nails, but it doesn't. The colour set (12 x 12ml) was so cheap (around 6€) and the paint is so easy to work with.

The technique I use is pretty similar to Chelsea's YT tutorial, I adore her florals.
I always do the same design on both hands, this time the "weirder" hand turned out real nice, I almost can't tell any difference.

What I used: 
Ocean 181 (light pink)
Gabriella Salvete 148 (white base)
Essence BTGN (top coat)
acrylic paint (the rest) 

This is surely one of my favourite designs, I can't wait to use the acrylics again.
Thanks for stopping by!

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