Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mistero Grey Triangles on Yellow

This is a design I wore just for two days (which is unusual for me) not because I wouldn't like it, I did, but I wanted to give my nails a rest after some polished time.
It's quite abstract. Originally I was inspired by this design a Spector's Nails, but trial version looked strange, so I changed it into what you see.

The silver colour is actually textured (but top coated) Gabriella Salvete STARS Mistero Grey polish, which I will further introduce in the next post.
To do this design, start off with yellow base, then create white triangles using bottle brush and add silver triangles over the white using bottle brush too (I find it easier and quicker this way, but you can use nail art brush, obviously). Then to do the black borders, I used a black gel pen, it allows me to make very thin lines, and it is a high quality one, so when it dries, it doesn't smudge.

On my right hand (above), I didn't menage to do the black frame lines that thin, but it still looks alright.

What I used:
Miss Sporty 453 (yellow)
Gabriella Salvete STARS 04 Mistero Grey
S-he 306 (white)
black gel pen
Essence BTGN top coat

The whole design looks pretty fun, IMO.

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