Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mistero Grey and Tie Dye

In my previous post I promised to talk about the Gabriella Salvete STARS 04 Mistero Grey textured polish. I will also mention the Gabriella Salvete 148 white polish, because white is the colour I use the most and this white is the best I could find in local drug stores.

Gabriella Salvete 148 is opaque in two layers, in the picture above you can see just one over Essence Peel Off Base Coat (later about this one), which makes polishes a little more opaque. When I compare it with S-he white polish (306), GS white doesn't dry that quickly, but has much nicer finish and looks so much better around cuticles (maybe because of the brush).

Gabriella Salvete Mistero Grey is a textured silver from limited collection of "STARS enamels". I really like the texture, the way it looks and how easy it is to do nail art with.

Tie Dye

Now onto the nail art.

This is a trial version without a top coat. Mistero Grey on pinkie and middle finger, no name pink polish on index finger and white base with gel pen design on the ring finger done following the Chalkboard tutorial, but with neon gel pens. The index finger looks strange, right? After I painted it with the no name pink, I dotted it with neon pink gel pen while it was still wet.
These neon gel pens are weird, low quality, when I put on topcoat, the design smudges. However, sometimes I menage to put the topcoat on carefully enough to not ruin it.

And this is the final design I wore for several days, Mistero Grey and gel pens on my thumb.

Should I write more about using gel pens in nail art?

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