Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Gold and Pink Swirls

I have two manis to show you in this post, they are pretty similar, one older than the other. Really. I don't even have good quality photo of the older (gold) mani and the newer (pink) one was the very first I took nice quality pictures of. (And I didn't publish it until now, for some reason)

Gold Swirls
About a month ago I bought Gabriella Salvete 138 gold enamel. I wanted to get a gold polish for quite a while when I saw this one at local drug store at a discount for just 20 CZK (1€ = 26 CZK), bargain! But later that day, I wasn't able to come up with a design, so I just sat down and painted three of my nails the Oriflame Sheer Cream and the other two gold. Then I took a gold gel pen and drew swirls, I filled them in with the gold polish and with darker (copper?) gel pen I added lines to most swirls to improve contrast.

I'm really sorry about the quality, I used my mobile camera to take nail art pictures before I decided I wanted to publish them.
Moving on to the Pink Swirls.

I did this design a week after. I really liked the swirl thing but not in gold, so I had to re-do it. I did the swirls with neon pink gel pen and filled them in with the pink polish (S-he 387). To add some contrast, I drew white (S-he 306) lines to the "inside" of the swirls and made the "outside" a bit darker with purple gel pen. On my thumbs, I chose to do something little different, because thumb swirls in previous (gold) mani turned out rather weird.

I liked wearing this so much, it looks like candy, right?


  1. yes! looks like candy! so cute :)

  2. thank you! I hope it made you hungry for something sweet ;)


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