Monday, 28 October 2013

do not disturb my circles (+tutorial)

Hey! Today's mani was inspired by Nailtale's design (check out her IG!) but I guess you couldn't tell without being told (:D is this English?). I wanted to do skittlette, so I chose two colours, yellow and mint, one of my favourite combos, and...

left hand
right hand
You can see I didn't menage to make both hands the same and I kinda like the right more.
I made a tutorial, computer one again, cause I really enjoy making these much more then editing photo tutos.

The Process:
1. Paint your nails white.
2. Start with several dots not too close to each other.
3.-4. Make concentric circles around those dots.
5.-6. Continue with circles as shown, seal your design with top coat.

My Tools:
I used straw (I don't own any real dotting tools) for the dots and smaller circles, then I switched to this tiny (cut down) brush below.

White base is Gabriella Salvete 148, the rest are acrylics. Index finger and thumb in my design are painted with Rimmel 500 Peppermint and little finger with Miss Sporty 453 yellow. Top coat is NYC Turbo Dry.

Although this mani turned out different then expected I feel really comfortable wearing it. It's also nice to wear bright colours after a week of black (previous post) on my hands and Halloween nails on everybody else's on the internet.

One more photo of my nails and my favourite cup to finish this post, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
P. S.: I added a Tutorials page to the top bar so you can find them easily AND Be sure to follow @nailuminium on Instagram for more up-to-date nails photos!


  1. Pretty little design! Looks easy enough :)

  2. thanks!
    easy? not really, this took way more time than I expected :D ...well, maybe it's just me

  3. Love them!

  4. Your tutorial is so good it just appears easy i guess ! Lol

  5. Oh these are amazing! Hahaha I love your title! And whoa those circles are a lot of work! Oh, I like the left hand one more XD But they are both stunning, great job! :)

  6. sweetness of all your comments is killing me! :D (like.. in a good way) I'm glad that you like that title phrase, it was a must when I did circle mani :)
    and thank you, very much!


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