Saturday, 12 October 2013

Matching Stripes

I have another matching-an-outfit nails for you, not as much matching as last time, because when I wore those with the outfit, I kinda hated how much it matched, if you know what I mean.

At the beginning, I had three basic colours I knew I wanted to use: red, white and black, but I couldn't think of a design that would use them, would be nice to look at and matched the outfit at the same time. Way out? Stripes, of course.

look! matching bracelets to nails
I freehanded the stripes (I'm too impatient to use striping tape), I didn't even try to make them perfect as it doesn't show in person. White base is Gabriella Salvete 148 as usual, rest are acrylics and one top coat of NYC Turbo Dry.

Right hand looks pretty much the same, right. (No wonder it does, it's just stripes.)
In case you're wondering about the process, I started with white base, then I did all the red stripes, then all grey-ish stripes and after that the thin black ones. Then I went back with all the colours and corrected visible mistakes. Top coat.

Do you like matching your nails to your clothes?  If so, in what way? (I really liked the colour contrast of  wearing these, green t-shirt, black pants and red lips, btw.)
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Also, I'm trying trying trying to make the promised tutorials, but it's never the right (/enough) time to do them. (Just so you know I didn't forget)
Forgive me and see you next time! :)


  1. yep, that's exactely what I intended :) thank you!

  2. So beautiful! Love the stripes - especially when freehanded! I just love the slight imperfections it has that contributes to artistic aesthetics! Love this!


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