Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Glow, little skulls, glow! (+tutorial)

This time I joined the Halloween craziness but, to be honest, I'm getting sick of seeing halloween designs all the time, no matter how awesome they are, so I can't even think of making another myself.

Still, I got these on today. The skull print was entirely inspired by awesome Try My Hand's mani, the only thing I changed is base colour of thumb, which is grey Rimmel 803 Man Overboard, the rest are black Rimmel 800 Black Out. White is acrylic paint and top coat is NYC Turbo Dry.
To the tutorial. I don't think this needs any explaining, the pictures speak for themselves.

I don't own any real dotting tools, so I made the big dots using a pin with big round pinhead and the small ones using a straw.
I found out that these simple tutorials take much less time when I just draw them instead of taking photos and editing, I hope you're all comfortable with this way. (I'd love to know your opinion on this! Better, worse, don't care?)

right hand
Did I mention I put glowing top coat over the skulls? But I couldn't capture it properly...

I wanted to take a photo with "poisoned" apple, but apples weren't red enough, so I have poisoned tomato.

I also thought of making them matte but didn't feel like it when finished.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Wow love that you made them glow in the dark ! They look awesome ! :)

  2. yeea, I've been little obsessed with glowing polish lately :D thank you! for your lovely comment and the inspiration


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