Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Argyle Nails (+tutorial)

Oh yes, incredibly creative title. Well, at least you know exactely what I have for you today.

These didn't turn out the way I expected, the blue is different on each hand and the size of the print too. I'll be smarter next time.

I made a pictorial for this:

I think it speaks for itself, you paint barely visible guide lines, fill them in and add those white lines as shown.

What I used:
Rimmel 367 Bare Necessities (nude base)
acrylic paint
NYC Turbo Dry top coat
Miss Sporty Check Matte (matte top coat)
and these two brushes:

Just so you know, I did these while ago, like in October? So I really don't know what to say about them now. :D

Take care!


  1. Serenity Nail Spa5 December 2013 at 10:11

    Hi, I came here from Will Paint Nails For Food. I don't think I have any help for you. I really like all your links are right at the top of the page, so I can follow you easily. I also like that your posts are verbally brief, to the point, and you let your photo's do the talking. I'm going to keep following, because I really like your style.

  2. Hi, I also found your blog through WPNFF Boot camp. I love your picturials and that it's not to much pictures in the sidebar. Your pictures are great a bit on the lighter side perhapse, but not something that I really thinks needs to change. The only thing that I can say needs improvement should be the background, I like the colors but I think that it is a bit to sharp pattern at the top of the page that takes away the focus a bit from your beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work!

  3. okay, I'm really glad you like it, thanks :)

  4. I appreciate your opinion but I must disagree with the background thing, I don't find it disturbing at all and I got some possitive comments on it too :)
    Thank you for your contribution!

  5. Hi, feedback from WPNFF. I think your blog looks really nice and is laid out well. My only critique may be the font size. If the text was maybe one size bigger it would be easier on my old eyes!

  6. you can always zoom in the page a bit :) Thanks for feedback!

  7. Zara TracesOfPolish5 December 2013 at 22:09

    Hi! I wanted to return the favour with the feedback provided to my blog :)
    The first impression is that I'm very impressed with your blog, I love your photos that show the nails in a setting rather than just around a bottle. Never figured out how to do that by myself otherwise I would so copy it ;)
    I find the photos to be a bit small though! I feel like I have to lean in to get a good look at the designs which is a shame.
    I see you have a limited number of labels in the side menu, I like that it focuses on different techniques but at the same time wish I could browse based on brands and colours too!

  8. I take photos of my both hands with the camera set to supermacro, I push the "take photo" button (sorry, dunno how to call it in English :D) and I move my hands very quickly to the position I want them to be, which may sound funny, but it works the best with my old (but still good) camera... other option is self-timer, of course
    If I made my photos bigger (extra large in blogger, I think), they would be too big for the page, so I just make them "large" but you can click them to view larger (whole screen) version :)
    I agree I'll really need to work on the labels part, good point
    Thanks for your comment!


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