Saturday, 30 November 2013

Imperiale Roses (+tutorial)

Hey! I have a tutorial for you! It's a computer one, not photos, cause I had terrible light painting this design and I didn't capture everything anyway.

This is the polish that inspired me in the first place. Gabriella Salvete STARS 14 Blu Imperiale. Textured two coater with shimmer, and you must love the colour!

I also matched my nails (and polish) to dress I wore to a social event that week.

And what about the tutorial?

The Process
1. Paint your nails white.
2. Paint light blue round shapes where you want your roses to be. No need to make them perfect.
3. Paint crescent shapes with nail art brush. They should be little darker than background (as shown).
4.-5. Repeat step 3 with darker and darker shades or with white until you have the contrast you want.
6. Paint light green leaf shapes where two roses meet.
7. Paint darker green lines in the leaf shapes.
8. Add lighter (almost white) green lines next to the dark lines. Seal your design with top coat.

My tools
For the flowers I used nail art brush shown below and acrylic paint. The base is Gabriella Salvete 148, on top of the design is NYC Turbo Dry and Miss Sporty Check Matte.

More Pics!

left hand
right hand
(Photos are linked to original posts.)

Floral Porcelain (July)
Princess' Roses (November)
I know there are plenty floral tutorials out there but some of you were really interested in my process so I gave it a go too. In case you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.
Take care! and paint florals to fight cold ;) 


  1. Great nails! The tutorial is greally nice too :)

  2. Hello! I found your blog through the WPNFF feedback group =)
    I love your pictures and your nail art, you're doing a great job! I also love the fact that you're using disqus and not blogger's horrible default system.
    As far as suggestions go, have you thought about adding a "subscribe via e-mail" button? I know many people who prefer following blogs that way!

  3. They do? I never used that... Great advice, I added it straightway :) Thank you!

  4. Hi, I came here from WPNFF bloggers bootcamp post! :) I love your blog, and your art is incredible! I also like that you have disqus for commenting! :) My only feedback is to make your follow buttons up top have a little more pizzazz - right now they're blending into the background. :)

  5. Hi, I'm from the WPNFF feedback group. I love your nail art, you pictures are very clear but maybe add some social media buttons or just draw more attention to how people can follow your blog because they're a bit hard to find because they don't stand out all that much :-)

  6. Hello Marge! I'm stopping by your blog for the Will Paint Nails for Food beginning blogger's bootcamp group critique.

    Things I love about your blog:
    - The background, immediately loved it!
    - Your layout is SUPER sleek and clean
    - The sidecar navigation is probably the best I have seen yet and is really well organized, making finding everything (navigation) on your site really easy
    - Love the Tutorials page and the tutorials - easy to follow step by step instructions, lots of pictures, REALLY like the alternative ways to wear and the ones that have one graphic design picture with all the steps on it (such as your Concentric Circles tutorial)
    - Awesome consistent photos with great hand positioning and props. Also nice lighting and cropping.
    - Super, super love the Gallery page which is your Tumblr - great idea!
    - Lots of really cute designs!


    - Show only excerpts of each post on the home pages, instead of the full post. I like this because it lets me browse through more posts quickly, finding things I like. Of course, it's also good for increasing pageviews
    - I'm left wondering if you have a Twitter or other social media? I would make the social media and RSS follow all on the top of the sidebar and more noticeable
    - Uhhhh, post more (especially tutorials) because you're awesome?

    I am visiting on my MacBook Pro laptop with a 17" screen and connected 23" screen. I am using Google Chrome for Mac as my browser.

    I'm now following you everywhere. Great blog, good luck!

  7. yep, when making the social media connection part I thought "I'll make it more interesting later" but I kinda didn't get to that :D I will, totally
    thank you!

  8. oh yes, with more and more ladies pointing that out, I'll really need to make them more visible, graphical and, all that

  9. huge thank you for such a long contribution! to the suggestions: I personally don't like the excerpts on home page when browsing other blogs, I have to click too much and open many windows, you know, but I can see your point.
    Currently I have just Tumblr and Instagram, no Twitter, no Facebook for this blog, I'm planning to get on Pinterest as soon as I have more time (thinking Christmas holiday?), I'll definitely make the social media buttons better (weekend?).
    I'd love to post more often, but there is one general problem: it takes way too much time! :D (I blame school for keeping me busy.) First, I have to paint a design - 2 hours - then take photos (so difficult with natural light now in winter when I practically leave home while it's still dark and come back when the sun is setting every day), edit them and write the post in language I sometimes struggle with :D
    I'm so glad you like my blog and that you found the time to write this, thank you again! :)

  10. No problem Margee! This has been a really fun experiment.

    I never thought about the home page excerpts being preference, doh! Now I'm realizing its just personal preference I guess. Posting does take a lot of time, doesn't it? I also wish I posted more frequently, it is as they say a labor of love. And life is always there, lol!

  11. SO pretty and I don't even like flowery nails ; )


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