Sunday, 15 December 2013

Pink Sugar

Hello there!  I needed something really quick so I chose to polish my nails with textured Gabriella Salvete 07 Princess and add an accent nail.

left hand
right hand
Polishes I used:
Gabriella Salvete 07 Princess (textured)
Gabriella Salvete 148 (white)
NYC Turbo Dry (top coat)
Miss Sporty Check Matte (top coat)

To do the accent nail, I started with white base, top coated it with NYC to get it dry, then with Miss Sporty to get it matte. When the base dried I used GS Princess and nail art brush to paint the simple tribal.

It's so difficult for me to get good natural light in winter so I experimented with artificial light and I found out it showed the texture much better.

And because - under artificial light - it's impossible to get sharp both-hands photo without a cup, here goes evening tea:

I have a question for you, lovely readers.
Would you prefer if I started using extra large photos instead of large and I showed just excerpts of each post on the home page? (Using extra large photos would make the posts too long to show them full on the home page.) Or do you prefer it the way it is?
I'd love to know your opinion, I actually really need it, cause I can't decide! So please, tell me :).
Bye bye!

(NOTE: So I made them extra large, give me your opinion!)


  1. I prefer extra large photos, so it's easier to see the details =) But I don't see why you can't have all the pictures in one post if you did it?

  2. Love mani. I prefer big picture and jumps. Easier to navigate.

  3. I think you got me wrong, I can have all the pictures in one post, but on the home page you would see just the first photo of each post and "read more" you would have to click to view the whole post, see? :)
    Thanks for your opinion! :)

  4. Oh, allright ;) Jumps are fine then, definitely =)

  5. Totally in love with this!


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