Saturday, 10 May 2014

Stripes And Rounds (+tutorial)

I admit I wasn't very creative coming up with the title. I wore these nails for around ten days, I made them for my Belgium trip, that's also the reason the base is nude - the chips don't show that much.

The design was inspired by the pinky from  this mani over at Boom Nails, I loved it the moment I saw it and saved it for later.
Keep reading for simple tutorial!

What I used:
I started with two coats of The New Black nude polish (below), then I painted on the rounds with acrylic paint, I also used acrylic paint for the black stripes and then I outlined the rounds with black gel pen - round shapes are way easier with a pen than with a brush.

As a top coat I used the clear The New Black polish below, it was the day I ran out of my regular top coat.

I was very happy with the result and it still looked good enough after the ten days in Belgium (brilliant trip, by the way). I was surprised how good top coat that The New Black polish made, it dries so fast and protects the mani well.
What do you do when you can't do your nails for ten days or more on a vacation? Do you go with nude nails, just survive the chips or does the polish last long enough on you?
Take care! :)


  1. The design is perfect and very original. Thank you for the tutorial!

  2. Very pretty and colorful :) My manis only lasts about 1-2 days before chipping, so if I couldn't change my mani for 10 days I would go without or maybe go with Soak Off Gels. But those doesn't last long on me either..

  3. I'm happy to be helpful :) thank you!

  4. ooh, I'm sorry that your manis don't last.. I had this problem too, what really helped me was hardening polish (Rimmel Nail Rescue) with formaldehyde in it, my nails got stronger and as far as I can tell, the stronger your nails are, the longer the polish lasts (of course that top coat and polish quality make a difference, but for me the main thing is strenght)
    my designs used to be quite woren off after four days, now I can make seven just with minor chips :)
    thanks for your comment!

  5. Ooh, nice trick! I've thought about trying out Duri Rejuvacote for a while, which should be a hardening polish with formaldehyde - maybe I should do it now! Thanks a lot =)

  6. For long trips, I tend to go with really dense glitters, and I bring the polish with me. Then, I can reapply if anything chips, but you can't see the lines because the glitter hides it!

  7. oh yes, that's brilliant! For me it works like this too with some textured polishes :)


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