Sunday, 1 June 2014


I wanted to paint some birds on my nails, but I wasn't sure how to make it a whole design. Then I also bought new matte top coat, which is actually called Essence 24/7 nail base, but who cares, it's perfectly matte. This, somehow, led to what you see now...

Originally I wanted to have trippy colourful fog in the background, but I ended up with (also colourful and trippy) clouds, making it look a bit more like the sky.

The grey base is The New Black polish above, which has little shimmer in it, but you can't tell with the matte top coat. I don't like it's glossy finish much but I loved it mattified. Two coater.

To the Essence 24/7 nail base: I fell in love. I had a problem finding new matte top coat after I ran out of my last one (Miss Sporty Check Matte), which was discontinued. Then I saw some reviews on this base coat saying it was matte. Desperately missing matte base coat I ran to the store and bought one. And yes, this is totally what I was looking for, plus I can use it as a base coat, since my regular base coat got a bit thick and I'm waiting for a discount.

The clouds and the birds were painted, as usual, with acrylic paint. However, I found it quite difficult and time consuming to use brush for the birds on my right hand, so I went with black gel pen there.
Before I got to paint tiny birds on my nails I did a bit of training on paper...

Oh yes, you can also see some butterflies among my doodles, but that's another story.
This was a bit strange design, I know. I hope to have something more girly with a tutorial for you next time (for those of you who follow me on the Instagram, I'm talking the H&M tribal or the pink swirls here).
Until then, take care!


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