Sunday, 8 June 2014

H&M Tribal (+tutorial)

Hello there!
About a month ago I entered the H&M with no intentions of buying anything. My intentions had to be quickly reconsidered right after I saw this lovely tribal pencil case waiting for me. Both sides agreed it was love at first sight. No matter how bad I felt for replacing my good old pencil case I had to have this one. Not only for the pencils but also for the design itself, I could see it on my nails that moment already.

Keep reading for a simple tutorial!

You get the process, right?
What I liked about this tribal the most was that there was no need to be exact, no need for perfectly straight lines, it was refreshing.

The white base is Gabriella Salvete 148, the rest are acrylics.

The most challenging part were the elephants, I used tiny brush and a toothpick.
I was quite excited about this design, especially when I was sitting at my desk at school holding the pencil case in my hands staring at it... okay, I don't want to sound creepy. But you guys can imagine, right?
Where does your inspiration come from?


  1. Wow, it's awesome! hehe and I'm also constantly staring at my nails if I like the design, it's not creepy at all :D And this nailart is really amazing! :)

  2. This is perfect ☺

  3. This is amazing! The little elephants are perfect - well worth the effort. Emma & Jo.xx


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