Friday, 27 June 2014


Hey! So, I just got back from a LARP trip (which is also the reason I'm a bit late with this post) and I'm still wearing the design I made for this event. I needed something medieval, pale colours that wouldn't show some minor chips and as usual, I didn't really know what I would paint when I sat down to do it. I started with a wooden base (also used in Tribal Chevron and Wooden, Blue and Aztec) and as I was looking at the wooden look I came up with the idea of woodcarving imitation on my nails...

The Process:
I started with nude base colour, then I used distressed technique with two brown-ish polishes and the nude one again. I sketched the swirls with light brown acrylic paint, outlined them with dark brown and added some highlights with almost white paint.

What I used:
Rimmel 367 Bare Necessities (nude base)
The New Black polish (below)
Maybelline colorama 165 (dark brown)
acrylic paint
Essence BTGN high gloss

Now, on the fourth day of wearing, these nails still look pretty good, there was a bit of damage from a fight I had but nothing that couldn't be fixed by some filing. My nails survived but my ankle got hit hard and I couldn't walk for a day, oh well...

I enjoyed the trip so much, it was purifying escape from the reality to a world of magic and adventure and... woodcarving nails. I had to leave that world but I'll keep these nails for few more days to remind me of the mood I was in during the stay.
(I do feel a bit silly writing this.)
What do you think? Both about these nails and about LARP, this was my first experience of this kind and I truly was excited.
I hope I managed to match my nails to the whole idea well enough.


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