Sunday, 24 August 2014

Dripping From A Side

These were sort of nail fail... But I picked some decent photos so it doesn't look like a disaster at all. I had no exact plan when I started painting these, I took a fan brush, made gradient base and started thinking. I decided to do drops, but it was a busy week, so I didn't manage to do them on both hands. I thought I would finish my nails later, but I didn't get to it fast enough - I removed these after only two days of wearing.

Above I chose to use my old hand pose for the drops.
Below is my right hand I never finished.

As the base for this manicure I used Rimmel 203 Lose Your Lingerie, gorgeous pink, perfect for my toenails. The rest is acrylic paint. Fan brush for the gradient, detailing brush for drops.

Drops are one of my favourite things to paint, fan brush abstractions are so fun to do, I wonder what went wrong with this mani.
What do you think?
Bye! :)


  1. galorious.blogspot.com25 August 2014 at 12:41

    this is so pretty! i love the photos you take:D:D

  2. Very cute and smart idea! :-)

  3. thank you! I'm relly happy you like my photos, I care a lot about them


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