Saturday, 30 August 2014

Matte Dots & Candy Colors Fluorescent Polish #11 Review

You know I have a thing for glowing nails, right? So far I only saw my nails glowing green-ish and I was quite curious about this red glowing polish I was about to try. I'll show you the nail art first...

I didn't know how to use neon pink in nail art, I don't really wear pinks and reds much, so I ended up with the simplest design: dots. I say neon but you see subtle pink? Oh yes, I'm sorry, my camera didn't capture the colour properly.

Continue reading for the review, photos of the red glow and most importantly more photos of glowing dotticure! Oh, and just so you know: picture heavy!
The Review

I'll be comparing this polish to another one from this edition I own - #9 purple, review here, also used for the purple dots.
The first photo shows my nails with one coat of this pink, I love the brush and the formula, it's so precise I didn't need clean up. This pink is a bit more opaque than the purple, as you can see in the second photo the nail line is barely visible with two coats.

The color is neon pink (although my camera refused to capture that) and I didn't like it much, the purple looks way neater. The polish dries to semi-matte finish slightly textured by the fluorescent particles.

The glow IS red, but not as red as when you look at the bottle, it's sort of cold red when polished. Compared to the purple it's... well, you can see that yourself. What you can't see is that it glows less and the glow fades out sooner.

Mmmm, finally the two I was talking about the whole time together!
You can purchase these polishes (in many other colours!) online at Born Pretty Store for $2.99, ID 4837, shipping worldwide. Don't forget to use a coupon code for 10% off: HBJ61.

The Design
Yea, dots, not much to talk about. Larger painted with a brush, smaller with a toothpick (toothpick is the best dotting tool, if you ask me).

What I used:Rimmel 703 White Hot Love (white base)
Candy Colors #9 and #11
acrylic paint
Essence BTGN high gloss top sealer
Essence 24/7 Base Coat (as matte top coat)

And they gloooow! It was a battle to capture it, as always, my camera is too old for this. Green is the purple, red is the pink.
Goodbye and keep glowing!


  1. These look fantastic, love 'em!

  2. Margee, oh, yes, these are super cute. A nice end-of-summer mani! I've been waiting for someone to review BPS polish, too.


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