Sunday, 17 November 2013

Candy Trip

Heey! I wanted something quick... And then it went wrong and ended up like this.

I really loved the result on right hand, painted with non-dominant. I don't like left hand so much cause I feel like I over-did it.

When my friends saw these, they were like: "uu, this looks like lollipop, I want to eat it!" But I think it looks high, so I called it Candy Trip, you see.

I took pictures painting left hand so I have tutorial coming.
I used white Gabriella Salvete 148 base and painted acrylics over it. I sealed it with  NYC Turbo Dry top coat.

One lady on instagram said she felt like these nails were trying to hypnotise her, that was funny :D. 
Hey, which hand do you like more, right (like me) or left?
Bye bye and come back for the tutorial!
NOTE: You can now find the tutorial here.


  1. So fun! They do kind of look like Lollipops!

  2. I always love your nails!!!!!!! These look great!

  3. aaw, that's awesome! thank you very much!


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