Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dripping Cane Sugar

I bought new textured polish.

I love this mani, to be honest. Mainly, I found out I was able to draw drops (which I had never done before), I also fell in love with the polish (two coater), cause it looks like little darker cane sugar (look at the thumb!) AND I put glowing top coat over the white so I fall asleep looking at glowing drops, I can't get enough of it.

I didn't menage to capture the glowing properly, it's much neater in RL.

Polishes I used:
Gabriella Salvete 148 (white base)
Rimmel Space Dust 03 Aurora
Essence Glow in the Night 18 fly firefly fly
Miss Sporty Check Matte

How to:
For the drops I started with barely visible (light beige) outlines I drew with acrylic paint and then I filled them in with Aurora, using thicker nail art brush.

sugar thumb!
So, what do you say to my first try on drops mani? I was told it looked like dripping chocolate (which is really more likely than dripping sugar...), does it remind you of something?
Mějte se!


  1. Nikdy ma nenapadlo to spraviť s textúrovaným lakom, super nápad :)

  2. jojo, konečně mě napadlo pořádné využití texturovaného laku na nail art.. díky! :) teď toužím po bílém texturovaném, jako sníh

  3. Looks gorgeous, very original colour combo for drip nails!


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