Saturday, 2 November 2013

Movember Nails

It's no surprise, after reading the title, I have moustache nails for you!

You're all familiar with the whole Movember thing, right? I must admit I did these mainly because I like moustaches on nails and I saw a perfect opportunity.

Polishes I used:
Rimmel 800 Black Out
Gabriella Salvete 148 (white)
Gabriella Salvete 04 Mistero Grey (texture metallic)
NYC Turbo Dry top coat

How to:
This was the second time I draw moustaches on my nails and it was strangely more difficult this time, so I decided to use homemade decals (also used and described here), I painted piece of foil with top coat, I draw several moustaches on that layer, let it dry, top coated it again, then I chose two moustaches I liked the best, cut them out, peeled it off the foil and pushed it on the nails. I used black gel pen to draw the moustaches and I finished the fine curls with tiny brush and acrylic paint, because it's easier to make round shapes with gel pen but you can't get lines thin enough. Then I sealed it with top coat.

I also made a keep-calm-poster-thing (see the first one I made here), what do you say?

I've been taking a lot of photos because I wanted to show you the gel pen and that I first draw some moustaches on paper and all this.

And yeah, it did feel quite awkward taking photos of my non-dominant hand holding a pen. (above)

That's it! How do you like my take on moustache nails?
I'm so looking forward to see what others will come up with for this occasion.


  1. Tvoj blog ma baví stále viac a viac! Vždy sa poteším novému príspevku a hneď čítam :) A manikúra ako vždy super :)

  2. to mám obrovskou radost! děkuju, made my day (ikdyž už je večer :D)

  3. Hahaha! I think its perfect! Plus somehow, moustache on nails, notebooks, mugs or everything is just chic! LOve it! ♥

  4. I'm so glad you like all those things around! thank you very much :)


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