Sunday, 24 November 2013

Matching Waterfall

I wanted to outline my nails the other day so I looked for a design that would look good outlined. I ended up with waterfall mani, as The Nailasaurus calls it.

Originally I wanted to outline all nails but I liked the way they looked without outline too much.
(My photos get sometimes greyish for no reason, blogger makes them go wrong, especialy white parts. Do you know how to fix this?)

I didn't intend it but my nails matched my sweater! I just chose black, white and purple colour scheme cause I liked it, then I found out how perfectly it matched.

They also matched my micropen! (let's pretend I don't own all colours of micropens)

What I used:
Gabriella Salvete 148 (white)
Rimmel 800 Black Out
acrylics (the rest)
NYC Turbo Dry (top coat)
Essence Glow in the Night 18 fly firefly fly

...speaking of which:

I finally learned how to take glow in the dark photos, it's all about high ISO and night scene. You see my ring finger isn't glowing, I didn't bother lighting up the outline.

Take care!


  1. Oh wow, this design is electric, those photos from a distance are out of this world. Love the outline, gorgeous.

  2. thanks! I'm happy you like them :)


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